Life Has Already Bite Me

"The world is wide, and so your mind should be."
-Franz Schramm

Days are beginning to blur together. Tuesdays are Wednesdays and Saturdays are mearly Sundays. And everything has become vastly quite and calm since leaving language camp. It's surreal how much you enjoy being around sixty-two others who have at least one thing in common with you. Although I feel as though I have only been in Austria for a few days my time will soon become one month. And I wish it wasn't. Because that means that time is counting down.
I fear that my mother might be right, that I won't want to leave. But everything feels so natural here. As though it is my second home. I belong here. Europe has beaconed me forth for years. And my lengthly desire has lead me here.
While I encountered new friends while enduring my two weeks of Deutsch bootcamp. Ones that I can't wait to spend the rest of my year with. Even if it means that I might have to travel an hour or two to see them. With their graceful French accents and New York slang will always ring in my head. I love them and their are my Rotary family and always will be.
But right now my fingers are fried. And my brain is tortured from its consistent use. But I promise I will keep up more often. And inform those faceless faces who read my nonsense. So to you I send my Austrian blessings.


  1. Sam I cen't even express how excited I am to hear about your travels on your blog! You are going to have such a blast (As you already seem to be!) Blessing-J

  2. Do not fight the sleep. Your brain is craving the "down time" it needs to digest & reorganize all the new stuff it has seen & heard. Take vitamins, sleep, drink LOTS of water and just "be" in the moment. This is the recipe to keep from getting ill (which you will get, but let's try to lessen the severity) by being run down. Take my word for it!

    You sound happy and that makes me happy!

    How about some pictures???

  3. Robin, add me on Facebook! There are all pictures there, actually I will go find you now...
    I just saw that there was comments on this thing, haha.